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Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Introducing Poppy

Those of you who have been following my blog for a year will know that I had to have my lovely dog Bonnie put to sleep last February. As I have health issues I had thought that I would not be getting another dog. However, the more time that passed the more I was missing Bonnie. Instead of getting easier it was getting harder so in the end I decided that I just had to have a new dog.

Poppy 24.01.11 039

I should like to introduce you all to my lovely new Heinz 57 Pup who I have called Poppy. She pops around all over the place, doesn’t run, but bounces in a poppy fashion so the name really suits her. She is a cross between a full Jack Russell on one side and a Jack/Yorkie cross on the other. Her face is quite yorkie, her back legs Russell, and her markings Russell, but other than that everyone who has seen her in the fur says she resembles a Guinea Pig as she is rather wide in the beam and has the most peculiar walk.

She came to live with me late on Friday and already she is sneaking into my heart. I think perhaps I should have called her Mischief as I can already tell she is going to be one of those naughty little dogs who gets into all sorts and then looks at you with that ‘who me Mum’ look on their face and gets away with all sorts.

Anyhow enough boring rambling now for some uber cuteness. If cute offends you look away now, cos this was described by a friend as ‘an explosion of cute’. A few, so far, lol, of my favourite Poppy pics.

The first one is my Daughter with Poppy.

Poppy 24.01.11 006


Aren’t I just the cutest little thing

Poppy 24.01.11 018

This looks like an excellent place to go to sleep

Poppy 24.01.11 092

Snuggled up on Em’s lap

Poppy 24.01.11 095

Being caressed by Cupcake Charlie Bear. The bear is 7.5 inches tall and I have put her against Poppy for size comparison.

Poppy 24.01.11 086

Oakley and Seth Charlie Bears and Poppy – Oakley doesn’t look happy, lol

Poppy 24.01.11 104

and my personal favourite

Oakley, looking really worried, Seth and Poppy

Poppy 24.01.11 106

Poppy had only been with me about an hour when I came back from the loo to find she had pushed one of the minimo bears on their backs and was giving it a good licking so I had to move them all out of her reach, and this is the closest she will get, when she is asleep!

I doubt if I will be getting much chance to craft for the foreseeable future. I have paper everywhere, and I don’t mean the craft sort, and every time I sit down Poppy wants to go out, bite me, or just generally be a pickle. She is having 40 winks right now, so I thought I would get this done while I had the chance.

Butterfly 2 Signature Lin


  1. What a little cutie Lin, she looks quite at home already!
    Jenni x

  2. She is absolutely adorable. Dogs are such good company aren't they?

  3. I don't blame you for getting another one - and you have got yourself one little cutie there.

  4. She is just so sweet, and looks like she will grow up to be an excellent companion!

    Bev x

  5. Oh she is sooooooo sweeeeeet!! You will have a busy few months, enjoy!

  6. ET - call home, ROFLMAO! She is just the sweetest little thing Lin. xx

  7. cute overload! She is jusrt too gorgeous I can see how you ave fallen for her already

  8. She's a real cutie, Lin! No-one could help but love her to bits!

  9. oooooh so cute i want one
    have fun
    gill x

  10. Hi Lin love the new edition to your family, she is just so adorable. You are going to be so busy with this lil' darling. Have fun.

    Donna x

  11. Hi Lin If you pop over to my blog there is a wee award for you
    Fi x

  12. Oh Lin! What a little dote! She is indeed an 'explosion of cute'! So pretty and you can just tell she will be a handful of mischief!
    My pup just doesn't photograph well at all! All you see is a lump of dirty-looking hair! LOL!

  13. OMGosh, what an absolute sweetie Poppy is! She'll be keeping you very busy for the next while!


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