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Please respect my

All work exhibited here is my own design, unless otherwise stated, in which case I shall have credited the original author of that work. I am thrilled to be able to share my designs with you but would appreciate that you respect that these are my designs and do not copy and place them anywhere else online or use them for your own personal gain in any way.

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Thursday 30 April 2009

First Ever Challenge Card

Penny Black Challenge 46

Here is my first ever challenge card. It's for the Penny Black Sat Challenge on the theme of 'Anything Goes'.

The stamp is from the Penny Black Critter Party clear stamp set, and I coloured it with prismas. The icing has cosmic shimmer pastel pink glitter on it.

I matted it with my Nesties label set #4 onto ribbon from my stash, and DCWV's sweet stack papers. The sentiment banner is also from DCWV's sweet chipboards. The small flower at the top was cut from the ribbon and has a glass gem in the centre.

Blessed if I can get the hang of putting the pictures where I want them on the page!


Monday 27 April 2009

Funny or Embarassing

I will post some pics tomorrow, but for today I thought I would share a funny/embarassing story with you.

Today is my Sister's Wedding Anniversary. As far back as last September my Niece, her Daughter, asked me if I would make invitations to a Silver Anniversary party. Eventually she said the party was not going ahead as she was short of funds. However, as it was a special event I set to at the weekend to make the card that had been in my head for a week or so. I needed a picture of their wedding day to complete the card so I set off on a search for one. I had a copy of a really nice one in a family montage in a frame and thought I could find the original and make another copy. So off I set. I went to April 1984 in my photo albums to locate this picture but there were no pics there. I remembered that some time back I had rejigged the albums and thought perhaps I had misfiled the pics. So I flicked through and through and eventually I came across some pics but they seemed to be filed in 1985. Then I realised that my 25 year old Daughter, whose birthday is in January was walking in these pics and picking up and throwing confetti around which would have been impossible at 3 1/2 months old, and it dawned on me........... they have only been married TWENTY FOUR years!!

I telephoned my Sister gingerly and told her what I had worked out and she told me that she thought all along they had only been married 24 years but that my Niece had persuaded her they had their dates wrong. Thank goodness she didn't go ahead with that party!


Sunday 26 April 2009

Eye of newt and wing of bat, peeking out from under my hat

Spurred on by the bravery of some fellow forum lurkers I have decided to have a go at making my own blog.

It has taken me the best part of an entire day just to get the layout and I still am not sure it looks right.

I joked with my Daughter that having taken so much effort to get it in a state to post on that I was now sick of the sight of it and didn't want to post, but she was right when she said I just needed a break.

So here we are then. I'm still not sure I will have enough content to keep it going but at least I wont wear anyone out keeping up with it.

In the next day or so I hope to post a pic or two of my cards, but for now I shall just say hi.

Oh yeah, and that pic on my profile and the background for the blog isn't really me - I have even less teeth than her!

If you should come across me by accident or design, please drop me a note so I know I am not the only person looking at this.



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