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Friday 26 February 2010

Sad news

Sweet Dreams Bonnie
Haven't been in blogland for a bit folks. My lovely little Heinz 57 dog of 15 years became really unwell at the start of February. First she had a scratched retina which took away the remainder of her already poor vision and then she developed a water infection, and the vet thought the cancer she had been treated for last year had probably returned. Finally last week my Daughter and I took the painful decision to have her put to sleep. Now I have a hole in my heart where she should be and the house just seems to empty without her.

Here are just a couple of pics of her. The first one is actually a card I made for a swap on the Craft Telly forum whose theme was 'precious' at the time she had just had surgery on her hip to remove a cancerous tumour.
The next are a series of pics of her licking clean a chocolate mousse container! She clearly loved that!

Then sitting on the sofa slightly sleepy having munched through that mousse.

In one of her favourite spots, the dirty laundry! I guess it's one of the best places to remind a dog of the smell of it's owner in their laundry. Strange little creatures aren't they.

Finally, and sadly this one is not the best photography in the world, think it might have been taken on my mobile phone, also didn't have time to bother with light etc., as her safety was at risk. We hadn't long moved into this house and the garden was a disaster area. Looked like a bomb site with rubbish strewn everywhere. We heard this tapping at the back door and there was Bonnie trying to get her head up over the doorstep, but it just kept catching on the threshold. She had her head firmly wedged in what looked like an old diver's helmet or some freaky space helmet. It actually turned out to be one of those terrarium, or bottle garden, thingys that you grow cactus plants in! Anyhow, there she was wedged. We reckon a frog must have been sheltering inside it and nosey parker poked her nose in a little too far and got firmly jammed. We couldn't get her out. Now this thing was made of glass so naturally we were concerned for her face. Finally I had the bright idea of stuffing it full of tea towels, around her head and breaking the glass with a rolling pin. It took my Daughter to hold her down and three bashes with the rolling pin before it finally shattered and she was free of it! As you can see in the picture, she is not a happy looking doggie.
Normal service will be resumed either later today or tomorrow, but if you have been reading this, thanks for taking the time.



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