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All work exhibited here is my own design, unless otherwise stated, in which case I shall have credited the original author of that work. I am thrilled to be able to share my designs with you but would appreciate that you respect that these are my designs and do not copy and place them anywhere else online or use them for your own personal gain in any way.

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Sunday 23 August 2009

.... two more

The next two cards were made for male friends of my DD's. How come they are all having their birthdays in the same month!!

She sprung both of these on me with less than one day's notice and one she only gave me an hour to do!! Lucki
ly I had already got the image coloured in ready.

The first uses a bombshell tattoo stamp called Man's Ruin as the friend in question apparently ha
s a thing for bottoms! So this one I called Bottom's Up, as a play on words and a traditional drinking toast. I coloured her in with prismas and OMS, and when it came to put the whole thing together I was completely stumped. Had no blokey type charms or embellishments and in the end plumped for some matching coloured core'dinations which I ran through the bigshot with a bug folder and sanded off the top. It's meant to represent the bubbles popping out of the glass.

It's not showing up here, but I used diamond glaze on the drips coming out of the small glass and on the stem and base of the large glass so they would look like, well glass, lol and try as hard as I might I just could not get a pic that didn't have the image slightly blurred. Whether the camera was focusing too hard on the purple mirri I have no idea, but that was frustrating.

The paper at the back
is from Twelveby12.

The second card has the image I had luckily pre-coloured and it's a manga/anime girl I found online, again coloured in with prismas.

The background paper was just black, white and grey, so I drew in a few red lines to pull the whole thing together, and again being at a loss for embellishments I plonked a couple of felt backed buttons (felt side up) on and
secured them with a bit of knotted black fancy thread. I loved the font on the text as it had martini glasses as the y's. Wish I had spotted this font for the purple card, they would have looked funky there.



  1. Well if I was a bloke these would be right up my street. Even racier than your earlier post. You even managed a purple one.
    They are great Lin.

    Ali x

  2. LOL, such a racey image!!! Appeals to my sense of humour too! I see you have a colour predujice for purple me thinks!

  3. Wow, 2 Great cards.
    I really like the way you've managed to add shade and depth to the glass.
    Fantastic !


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