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Monday, 4 May 2009

Adrenalin Rush

I should have posted this earlier but I got all caught up in QVC's Craft Day. No idea why because it was well below par, but ho hum, if craft is on TV I just gotta stay tuned. I wore myself out and haven't gotten around to posting my great news.

Not sure if you noticed or not but I won last week's PBSC!

I only got this blog up and running last Sunday and already fate has smiled kindly on me and I have won with my first ever challenge card.

I had such an adrenalin rush I couldn't get to sleep and was completely shattered the next morning so sat watching most of craft day in a foggy daze.

I have won a gorgeous little set of stamps and am eagerly awaiting them so I can play.

Thanks to Sugarplum because it was her chatting about getting a blog started that inspired me.

I was giggling to myself earlier in the week, thinking that if I entered a challenge every day, at the end of the year I would have 365 cards to shift!

So to any of you bloggers out there reading this...... what do you do with your challenge cards after you have lovingly made them and entered them?

Is it bad form to send them to forum friends who might have already spied them on your blog, cos I don't have anywhere near enough family to send cards to?

Perhaps I should have a 'feature wall' and stick them all over it?

Answers on a postcard please....... or just in the comments box below.

Until next time

Blessed Be


PS I amazed myself at finally working out how to post things in the sidebar, whether or not I shall remember the next time I need to do it is debatable.


  1. Now stop getting all cocky about posting on the side bar (teach me!) I'm touched that you mentioned me (and a link too) and green with envy on your winnings lol. Well done, if I ever got my act together I might enter a challenge but sometimes my challenge is just getting through the day
    Congratulations and enjoy those stamps they look lovely
    Fi x

  2. Congratulations on your win,
    in response to your question I send my cards to friends and family, plus family and friends ask me to make cards for them to give friends and family, some acquaintances even ask me (but I charge them a little to cover costs !) I know some people sell their cards on Ebay and Etsy - but I have not tried that myself.
    Kate x

  3. CoNgRaTs on your win :o) I'd say send your cards to forum friends. I would always treasure a hand made card whether I've spied it on a blog or not. They always look/feel better in real life anyway.
    Sandra x

  4. I agree with Sandra, I have used challenge cards for forum freinds because like you I don't have a big family in the real world to give my cards too and at least when they go to forum freinds I know they will be appreciated for the work that went into their making.


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