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All work exhibited here is my own design, unless otherwise stated, in which case I shall have credited the original author of that work. I am thrilled to be able to share my designs with you but would appreciate that you respect that these are my designs and do not copy and place them anywhere else online or use them for your own personal gain in any way.

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Monday 14 February 2011

Crafty Cardmakers Spotlight on Plastic

39a Plastic 2WindowWM Our Spotlight this fortnight over at Crafty Cardmakers is for you to use plastic in your creations.  This was the lovely Judie’s idea. She wants you to  use plastic somewhere on your creation be that Acetate, friendly plastic, shrink plastic, sweet wrappers etc.  It doesn't have to be a card, we're not fussy here so whatever you fancy creating so long as it fits the theme :)

I have had a couple of attempts at this, the first of which was well dire, lol, so I had to put my thinking cap on and start again.

The picture above is what I ended up with, but before I go into the detail of that I will also share with you my not so clever design which involved Friendly Plastic. I cut out several blossoms with some cutters I have, but they were not the best cutters in the world and almost cut through my hands/fingers before they would cut cleanly through the plastic. They looked so tatty I couldn’t do with them what I wanted, which was to make a tree and use the FP as blossom on the tree, so instead I had the none too bright idea of putting them all into a sort of circle pattern and after they were nice and melted dragging a cocktail stick through each blossom so it dragged into the blossoms on either side or above/below it. The whole lot was then stuck down onto an acetate scalloped circle with the intention of using it for a window hanging. Bad idea Linda. When I hung it up in the window the light showed the nasty plastic looking side right through and it became a translucent mess, at this point I gave up and went back to the drawing board. I haven’t given up hope of using this ‘topper’ on something and if I ever decide to use it to better advantage I will force it on you errrrr I mean share it with you all.

39a Plastic WM

39a Plastic Centre

So onto my Spotlight design itself. A nice simple one, I swiped over a scalloped acetate circle with AI blending solution (I have discovered it helps the ink flow a little better to put it on first) and then dabbed various droplets of colour until it was spread out. I then stamped the design in stazon. I had intended to leave it like that but as you can see from the pic below, the image didn’t really pop like that, in fact in places it was difficult to see there was an image, after it was hung in the window.

39a Plastic 2 Pre-painted Window Not being able to see the stamped design kind of defeated the object so I decided to paint them in. I used some of the Imag-e-nation blending solution that allows paint to be used on acetate and mixed it into various Cosmic Shimmer paints and then painted it.

As you can see from the top picture, the end product brightened up even a rainy day. I have yet to see it in sunshine, lol

Here is a pic of it against a white card.

39a Plastic 2WM

Anyhow, put your own thinking caps on and see what you can come up with and I look forward to popping by your blogs to see your own creations.

Emily and I have spent the morning trying to make the garden Poppy escape proof. My new puppy is running me ragged and I can already tell that she is going to be a naughty little girl as she has mischief running through her like words in a stick of seaside rock.

I shall try and find time to put a couple more pics of her later in the week.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone

Butterfly 2 Signature Lin


  1. It's gorgeous Lin, and I like your FP 'mess' too. Just as well you left me a comment earlier - I'd completely forgotten it was Spotlight Monday!!
    Jenni x

  2. Wow, this is beautiful! I love the colours! And the images you chose are great too!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog today and leaving me a comment. I really appreciate it! :)

    As for your question about the flowers, I bought them in my local store where they are selling stationery and some craft things. There was no tab about the producer on the flowers, the only tag was the one with price. So I have no idea whose (the company) those flowers are, I'm sorry.

    Happy Valentine's day!

  3. Like Jenni, I like your FP mess too and if it needs a new home you just have to say, lol. As for the Acetate hanging, it's stunning and as I get more sun at my house I think that should accompany the FP one. What d'ya think, lol. xx

  4. These are gorgeous! I love the 'mess' one - it looks like jewels in the photo! And your window hanging is absolutely lovely. I wonder if I could do something similar with Promarkers ...

  5. Oh this is absolutely beautiful! The colours are stunning :-) Love 'n' hugs, Mel xx

  6. so stunning hun, i adore this, well done]

    Judie xx

  7. Ooh! very pretty Lin. love the colours and pretty butterflies.

    Donna x

  8. Lin, what a beautiful project! Love suncatchers anyway and I used to make them from stained glass and this is sooo pretty!
    Good work Hunni!

  9. That is such a coll project! Love how it turned out! It must look really amazing in the sunlight!

  10. hi Lin, that friendly plastic looks ace, so glad you joined us at ABC, speak to you more soon,

  11. Oh Lin
    I love this!
    The first creation is just amzing with red and blue tones! But love the sun catcher!! The colours are beautiful and the butterflies are just stunning!! Love it petal!!
    Hugs Melly xxx

  12. Hi Lin I think your "mess" is rather lovely and not a mess at all and the suncatcher is so pretty I quite like the way the stamped image came out so subtle as it suits the delicateness of the piece
    Fi x

  13. Your persistence and hard work definitely paid off because your suncatcher is gorgeous!!! I love the way it shimmers...even on a rainy day. I bet it will be even more beautiful when the sun shines through it:o)

    I also wanted to thank you for the sweet comment you left on my blog. It truly brightened my day:o) In your comment, you asked if I made the heart...yes, it was made with plastic canvas and yarn. Needless to say, the plastic canvas has been stowed away and neglected for many years and without the spotlight would still be stuffed at the bottom of a drawer. I thank you and your wonderful DT sisters for inspiring me to get it out and use it again:)

  14. I've got an award on my blog for you. xx

  15. Wowee! This is fabulous!
    Just popping by to say hi! Looking forward to working with you on Dream Valley :)



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