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Wednesday 1 December 2010

Woohooo I won!

I am such an idiot, I completely forgot to blog this. Chance to brag and it goes right out of my head!

Remember my jewellery I made with shrink plastic back in October? Well I entered it for the Crafty Computer Paper competition in the paper crafts section and I only went and won first prize! £100 to spend in their store.

Here is a link to the email with the other competition winners in it and a little reminder of what I did below.


This is a pic of me with the lovely bottle of champagne they sent me and a large Winner’s Voucher!


Gotcha! I’m way too shy to show myself!!!  …………………………………………………………………….    Okay, I admit it, I hate having photos taken of me so this is the best you will get!

But you can have this one of my Daughter instead. She will kill me for showing her in her baggy, but oh so warm, winter wooly ………


I spent most of yesterday going through their site choosing what I wanted to spend my prize on.

I have been feeling a bit under the weather for the last week or so which is why there is nothing new on here, but hopefully I should be back soon.

Butterfly 2 Signature Lin


  1. Congratulations Lin, very well deserved, I love it

    How exciting spending all your winning too

    Bev x

  2. Woohoo,

    Fabulous news, well done on your win. It was a fab little project and is definitely well deserved.

    Lots of love

    Mandy xxx

  3. Congratulations! Aren't you clever.

  4. Congrates on win Lin they are lovely pop over to my blog there is something for you
    Jacki xx

  5. Congratulations Mate, you deserve every penny of it!! Enjoy spending and hugs, Vick......xxxx

    ps havent had flu by any chance? xx


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