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All work exhibited here is my own design, unless otherwise stated, in which case I shall have credited the original author of that work. I am thrilled to be able to share my designs with you but would appreciate that you respect that these are my designs and do not copy and place them anywhere else online or use them for your own personal gain in any way.

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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Crafty Catz Design Team Samples

I have recently finished some samples for a new CD by Crafty Catz due to be aired on Ideal World/Create and Craft on Tuesday 27th April at 10am. The CD is called 'Got It Covered' and you can find more examples and information on - the gallery can be found here.

CD crafting is not really something I am used to and I found this an interesting challenge, and a bit of a departure from my normal style of cards, although I did start out with stitching cards and it was nice to revist that medium again for a couple of the cards.



  1. Lin They are really lovely You have done a fantastic job Did you handstitch the embellishments on some of them ? They look incredibly intricate and way beyind what I could ever do I cant even hem a trouser leg lol! Dont think a card with wonderweb on it would look as good somehow

  2. Ha Ha sugarplum (wonderweb) my kind of stiching. The cards are amazing I can't believe the beautiful stitching on these. That would have made me reaching for the plasters and the vodka bottle, not sure if that would be the right order tho lol. You must have the patience of a saint. Sometimes it is nice to get out of our comfort zone and both you ladies did a fantastic job. Thanks a million
    Crafty Catz

  3. I'm with sugarplum & Pamela on the stitching lol!
    Your cards are amazing Lin and the stitching is just gorgeous, I so wouldn't have the patience (or the skill)

  4. Wonderful cards Lin ! Aren't we all a talented bunch in Pamela's design team !!! xoxoxoxo Fab

  5. Love the cards Lin. Looked like we used a few of the same images - great minds and all that!

    Bev x

  6. Fabulous cards Lin, the show was great too.
    Sandra x


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