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Monday 22 June 2009

I'm on a roll

I decided I should put a couple of posts up as I have been neglecting this for too long now.

I thought I could share with you my el cheapo version of ribbon storage! I realise it does have some drawbacks, such as how on earth I can dust it without knocking it flying, it certainly can't be vacuumed or the ribbons would disappear; but this way at least I can see them and it might encourage me to use them more as they have been even more neglected than this blog.

Anyhow this is it......... two lengths of net curtain wire, a couple of rings to secure it to the wall. Two LARGE cup hooks screwed into the wall and some curtain pole clips for net or voile curtains and voila el cheapo ribbon display/storage unit.

If I had realised I would be doing this I would have organised that back wall a little differently so that the ribbons were not dragging over the hooks for the other storage items, but hey ho.

Whilst I am sharing, I made this for an elderly lady my Daughter cleans for.

No idea why I find it impossible to make a 'quick' card, but having matted up the gorgeous 20s/30s lady could I find anything that went with her. Then I was flipping through the DCWV Garden Party stack and that gorgeous sheet of rose edged card just popped out at me.

Problem solved.

It was appropriate too, as this lovely old lady was born in the 1920s, so the lady was her era.



  1. Love the card. Trouble is we all have so much paper we never remember what we have or what it would go with. Impossible to look at every sheet of paper each time you make a card.

  2. Lovely classy image and the backing paper is lovely with the elegant lady.


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